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What is WearingIrish?

WearingIrish is a movement that aims to tell an untold story — the story of Irish design. The vision behind WearingIrish is to create a movement that propels Irish design into the worldwide stage so that Ireland is recognized for its contribution to design. The aim is to give shoppers exposure and access to Irish designers. We all know about Irish food (check out these places if you don’t) so why don’t we know about Irish design? Ultimately, it’s about building Ireland’s reputation for fashion in the same way that Ireland’s food industry has blossomed.

And it’s been around how long?

The movement began in 2016 when Margaret Molloy, an Irish-born, U.S.-based marketing guru, decided to don only dresses and jewelry by Irish designers for the whole month of March. (Why March? Because the whole world goes green in March anyway!). She posted daily snaps of her outfits on Instagram with the hashtag #wearingirish. And it was the start of something beautiful.

Who is the face behind this?

Margaret Molloy. This is her passion project. Not sponsored. Not paid.

What’s her day job though?

Her regular job is Chief Marketing Officer of Siegel+Gale, a top global branding firm. Her skills as a conference moderator and roundtable convener are legendary in the marketing community. She’s contributes to business publications and has amassed a substantial following on LinkedIn and Twitter. She describes herself as a simplifier and interviews top marketers in her Meet The Simplifiers interview series. She believes that simplicity pays.

What was her inspiration?

Margaret realized she had a platform and wanted to use it help tell an untold story about Ireland. As she is a prominent figure in the Irish-American community in New York, she spent lots of time (especially in March) attending Irish events. It occurred to her that it would be a worthwhile experiment (and conversation starter) to attend these events wearing Irish designs. What better way to support Irish talent than to wear it? This is what she said in an interview:

“It is clear to me that Irish fashion does not get the visibility that it deserves. And as a marketer, I am fascinated by the possibilities that social media provides for ordinary citizens to show their support for brands and causes. Connecting all three interests — fashion, marketing, and Irish heritage — I saw an opportunity for people to come together on social media to support Irish designers, especially when all eyes are on Ireland in March”

What happened after March?

March came and went but the movement grew from strength to strength. Designers started to use #wearingirish on social media, traditional media interest was piqued, people started to get interested, and Chapter One of the Wearing Irish story was well underway.

Ok, I’m sold. How do I get involved?

We’ve got you covered (pardon the pun). Shop our directory here. And we have some handy gift guides here too.

Eh. I’m a man. What about me?

Wearing Irish is all-inclusive, don’t worry. Here you go.

I don’t live in Ireland. What about me?

Many of our brands ship internationally. And unboxing is definitely a thing now.

So, is shopping the only way to get involved?

Purchasing Irish design is step one. But don’t forget to share your purchase on social media with the #wearingirish. You can see all the other users who have used this # (9000 users and counting!). Don’t forget to give them a heart. Oh and while you are there follow @WearingIrishon Instagram and @Wearing_Irish on Twitter.

I’m not a fashionista though..

WearingIrish is about role models. It’s about real people showing their support for Irish fashion in their everyday (and night) wardrobe.

Do I have to wear head to toe?

There are no rules! Dress head to toe or pick your favorites. Go casual, workwear, party, occasion, traditional or contemporary. Incorporate WearingIrish into your own personal style .

What about jewelry and accessories?

There is an amazing variety of jewelry and accessories by Irish designers available. Check them out.

I’ve always thought of designer fashions as expensive. What can I do if I want to join but don’t want to splurge?

One of the most appealing aspects of Irish fashion is that there are options for every budget – from couture to smart workwear to fast-fashion – there’s something for every budget.

But are you talking tweed and sweaters? Not really my thing.

There is truly something for every taste from traditional textiles and heraldic jewelry to cutting-edge dresses, contemporary jewelry, sumptuous scarves and bags for men and women. Also, don’t write off the tweed and knits! Some of the traditional fabrics have a modern twist. Go on, take a look. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I’m not Irish. What’s the chance that it’ll appeal to me?

We think the great taste is universal. Browse the directory to discover designs that are steeped in Irish heritage to others with a subtle nod. The assortment is a big part of the story.

I couldn't get a ticket to the January 2019 WearingIrish Event. Any tips?

We missed you. Our event experiences are novel and sell out quickly. Follow @WearingIrish on Instagram and @Wearing_Irish on Twitter it be the first to hear about upcoming programs.

Want to hear my ideas for WearingIrish?

Yes please! WearingIrish is an immersive movement and we encourage suggestions from everyone. From shoutouts to designers we missed to general constructive comments. Compliments are nice too. We want to hear it all. Email us at ourstories@wearingirish.com with your musings.